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Our lab consists of ~800 ft2 of research space and ~500 ft2 of office space located in the Walter Scott Engineering Center of University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The major equipment resources hosted in our lab are listed below:

Optical Instruments:

  • Coherent BraggStar 193 nm Excimer Laser (Pulse Energy: 8 mJ, Repetition rate: up to 1000 Hz);

  • Yokogawa AQ6370C Optical Spectrum Analyzer (Wavelength range: 600-1700 nm; Spectral resolution: 20 pm - 2nm; Dynamic range: 78 dB; Sensitivity: -90dBm)

  • Micron-optics Optical Sensing Interrogator sm125 (Wavelength range: 1510-1590 nm, Repeatability: 0.2pm; Accuracy: 1pm; Stability: 1pm; Dynamic range: 50 dB);

  • Tunable Laser System (Manufacturer: Sacher Lasertechnik; Wavelength range: 1490-1580 nm; linewidth: < 300 kHz; power : 30 mW; Piezo fine tuning: up to 50 GHz);

  • Synrad 10W CO2 laser with UC-2000 Laser Controller;

  • RIO Wide Tunable Laser Source, 1530-1565 nm wavelength, 10 mW min. output power, < 25 kHz linewidth.

  • Ocean Optics QE65000 miniature fiber optic spectrometer;

  • Sumitomo Type-36 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer System with precision optical fiber cleaver and optical fiber stripper included;

  • Vytran PTR-200 ARL 420 μm Fiber Recoater;

  • C-Band EDFA Benchtop Unit from Acronym Fiber Optics, Inc. (Preamplifier; Output power: 13 dBm);

  • One 8'×4' actively isolated optical table; one 10'×5' static optical table, two static 4'×6' optical tables.

Optical Devices:

  • AFL Fujikura CT-11A cleaver with tunable cleaving angle capability;

  • More than 10 zero-order suppressed phase masks for fiber Bragg grating fabrication;

  • Thorlab DC-10GHz Fiber Optic Phase Modulator;

  • EOT DC-10 GHz High-Speed photodetector;

  • Two high-Finesse Tunable Optical Pass Filters (Manufacturer: Micron Optics; Model: FFP-TF2; FSR: 20 nm, Finess, ~800) and the filter controller (Manufacturer: Micron Optics; Model: FFP-C);

  • A number of photodetectors, DFB lasers, fiber circulators, fiber couplers, and fiber polarization controllers.

Electrical Instruments:

  • Rigol DSA1030A-TG3 High Performance 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with 3 GHz Tracking Generator

  • Rigol DSA1030A-TG3 High Performance 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with 3 GHz Tracking Generator

  • HP 8684B rf Signal Generator (5.4-12 GHz tunable frequency, max. 10 dBm output)

  • HP/Agilent 8347A RF Amplifier 100 kHz to 3GHz.

  • HP/Agilent 33120A Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 15 MHz.

  • SR 570 low noise current preamplifier (Stanford Research Systems);

  • Three Newport M-UTM100PP.1 Motorized Positioning Linear Stage with Newport ESP 300 Motion Controller Driver;

  • New Focus LB1005 High Speed Servo Controller;

  • Two oscilloscopes with speed up to 200 MHz;

  • A number of rf mixers, filters, and phase delay controllers;

  • Various PZT Ultrasonic Transducers, Preamplifiers, and Post-Amplifiers from Physical Acoustics Co.

Sensor Characterization and Test Equipment:

  • Thermo Scientific Thermolyne Benchtop Muffle Furnace with 120 cu (0-1200 °C);

  • ADT919-N pneumatic pressure test pump with digital pressure gauge (14 to 2000 psi);

  • Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Temperature/Humidity Test Chamber(1.2 cu ft; -70 °C to 190 °C; 10% to 95% RH relative humidity);

  • Inverted Infinity Metallurgical Microscope 40X-400X w 9MP Camera (M8300MINV-C90) for fiber sensor inspection;

  • Cole-Parmer Syringe Pump, Infuse / Withdraw Programmable, Touchscreen Control.